Brad Anderson's Session 9 is a film that gets a lot of love here at Horror Squad. It's story of men who encounter madness and -- maybe -- something supernatural while removing hazardous materials from an abandoned mental institution is one of the creepier films to come along in recent years. Most of that is attributable to the setting -- the deserted Danvers State Hospital. The US isn't the only place with spooky abandoned hospitals, though. Singapore has one as well -- and its getting its very own movie in the upcoming Haunted Changi.

The Old Changi Hospital -- reportedly one of the most haunted places on the planet -- has quite a history. Used as a POW camp during World War II, there were rumors of the building housing torture chambers and of all kinds of horrible things occurring inside its walls. Then, in the 1950s, it was converted into a public hospital, but it couldn't ever shake its reputation. The hospital moved in 1994, and the building has been abandoned ever since -- a mecca for vandals and adventurous ghost hunters alike.

A local film crew decided to make a documentary chronicling OCH's history back in January. They conducted interviews and did research and got permission to film on the grounds for one day and one night -- and Haunted Changi is what they experienced.

The film is obviously playing coy about whether it's a Ghost Hunters-styled documentary or a more fictionalized tale, but the official site offers a timeline showing what happened during the course of filming (omitting spoilers, of course) and mentions that the crew is divided over what really went down. Twitch has been kind enough to share the trailer (in English, no less!) and you can check it out and draw your own conclusion after the jump.
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