More often than not, when you're searching for various internet oddities you come across a lot of garbage. It's some jackass with a camera and natural indoor lighting, trying to construct some 'caught on tape' narrative, when it's really his seven year old running around in the shadows wearing a monster mask. Yes, I'm sorry to break it to you, but most of the internet is crap. It used to be porn, but no longer. The internet is fueled by millions of independent percolating barrels of crap. Since the mongrels of the world have gotten their hands on digital video cameras and rudimentary editing software, the barrels are running over. So, when I decide to take the red pill and dive headlong into the morass of independent videos on the web, it's rare that I'm able to fish out a gem that isn't all stinky. Hannah House is one of those gems.

Based on a true story, this disturbing silent film with digital aging portrays the hardships and desolation of 1904 prairie life as a young family unearths the horrifying details of a house and its past.

I couldn't find much on the film itself, but I managed to dig up an imdb listing of what I believe is the full picture. Strangely, the film's release date is listed as 2002. From what I can tell, it looks to be Little Haunted House on the Prairie. The filmmakers have gone for the exaggerated styles from the early days of film, melding it with some modern digital effects. It's a silent flick, and the short just past the jump is packed with spooky imagery.

Have any of you actually seen this? Sometimes these half-mad experiments actually work, as in the Call of Cthulu. Should I go tilting at windmills to try to track a copy down?

Check out the old-timey creepshow trailer after the jump!

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