Remakes are tricky. While some tend to be well-received, such as The Last House on the Leftand The Crazies, most tend to serve as a sobering reminder that some remakes simply should never be attempted. News recently spread of a possible remake for the incredibly brutal Pascal Laugier-directed French "new wave horror" flick Martyrs, and while most hopped onto the pedestal to cry fowl, I welcome a chance to import this film for an American audience. Remakes are a loathsome bunch, and while I prefer money be spent to give us new, original films, I'm always intrigued to see if someone can update a film, old or new, for a new audience. I may need to rethink this position.

Jen Yamato over at FEARnet chatted with Wyck Godfrey, producer of the upcoming remake, about the film, and he's already championing for a young actress to star in the film: Kristen Stewart. This really isn't surprising considering both Stewart's performance as Joan Jett in The Runaways was critically lauded and Wyck is the producer of the vehicle that made her a star. I have yet to see The Runaways, but given that Martyrs is a type of film that requires a level of emotion beyond "slightly bewildered," I have trouble believing that Stewart could adequately serve as one of the film's unfortunate female leads.

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