AlienOrdinarily, I'd get a little concerned when a studio announces a prequel movie to a classic like Alien. While the first sequel was excellent, the second and third left something to be desired (despite the involvement of Joss Whedon with the fourth movie). The first Alien vs. Predator movie was fun, but that was intended as fluff.

However, I hold out a glimmer of hope as Sir Ridley Scott, the director of the original, is getting involved with two prequel movies which explore the circumstances in which the Alien is discovered by the Nostromo on that other ship. Scott spoke about the films during LA screenings of Alien and Blade Runner over the weekend.

The movie is supposed to be about the "Space Jockey", the alien whom the crew discovers in the first film whose stomach has already burst. In short, there is a good chance that the movie will have no humans in it whatsoever. Now that would be interesting. Scott could have the entire movie be in an alien language with subtitles.

He notes, "The first Alien was honestly The Old Dark House -- seven people in the old dark house with a visitor. This will go further into the world of terraforming. We're thinking about doing it. In fact, if Kennedy had been allowed to continue his space program, we'd probably be on Mars now with a population of nine-thousand people. That's how far we should have gone."

What do you think of Ridley Scott creating two Alien prequel movies?
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