After spending a couple of days to mull it over in my head, it seems almost foolish to suggest Starship Troopers for a movie club. I think the primary purpose for this weekly feature is to introduce readers to films you might not have seen yet are available for viewing, for free, online. Thinking back on it, who hasn't seen Starship Troopers? The film is near-iconic among genre fans as being a movie that's "so bad it's good," so assuming people haven't seen it is akin to assuming people haven't seen Alien yet. But for those who haven't seen it, this past weekend was a perfect opportunity to do so, as this week's discussion will touch on a variety of topics, from the theme of the film to just how God awful Casper Van Dien is at acting like anything other than a priss with a chiseled jaw.

Also: brain bug - does it look like a giant vagina? Spoilers and the answers to these questions dwell within.
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