Choosing a best role for Julianne Moore is tantamount to claiming a preference between two almost identical shades of the same color. Her roles and talents are always stellar. Even in the lightest and most questionable fare, it's easy to appreciate her skill, right down to her first big role as Franny in As the World Turns. However, her talents don't wallop you like a sledgehammer. Rather, they exist subtly, often at their strongest when she reveals little -- silence and somber faces revealing just as much as tears or screams.

When I first decided to tackle Moore's films, I figured it would be a daunting task where no matter what I picked, no one would agree. Just take a look back at her roster. Her big screen work began with fluff fare and side roles in films like The Hand That Rocks the Cradle and Benny & Joon. But as soon as she co-starred in The Fugitive, her career swiftly began to change. Short Cuts followed that same year, but it was 1995's Safe, with Todd Haynes, that Moore made her mark as a compelling and notable actress.
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