I can rattle off a list of toys I wish I hadn't thrown out or had taken better care of, but sadly they don't include this wicked action figure from Kenner -- based on Ridley Scott's Alien. Apparently the creepy toy caused a ruckus among parent activist groups, which means it languished in retail purgatory for a while -- but is highly collectible today. Of course it didn't help that the film was rated R and a lot of children hadn't seen it (this kid did -- nightmares galore!).

A peek at eBay reveals one Alien figure (used and out of the box) selling for $199, and one in the box with all its parts for about $430. The figure comes complete with working inner jaw, back spikes, slithery tail and plastic head dome -- all of which break easily (surprise choking parts!) according to toy enthusiasts. By the time the next Alien action figure hit the shelves in the 90's, freaked parents had bigger fish to fry -- like Mortal Kombat and gangster rap -- and no one seemed to care that their children were playing with plastic replicas of murderous space monsters anymore. Ah progress, such a great thing.

Check out a vintage Aliens commercial after the jump.
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