It looks like Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are really adamant about getting Clash of the Titans 2 up and running before Sam Worthington is set to return to Pandora. According to THR, the studios have recruited not one, but two writers to ensure that a script is ready for filming in early 2011, so as not to conflict with Worthington's Avatar 2 shooting schedule. (It's likely to begin later in the year.)

Warner Bros. has dug into its pool of vets and come up with Dan Mazeau and David Leslie Johnson. Mazeau had a hand on The Flash as well as the live action version of Johnny Quest while Johnson is responsible for The Orphan and Catherine Hardwick's upcoming film, Red Riding Hood. Odd mix, right? That's actually the point. The studios are hoping that by combining two writers with expertise in different areas -- Mazeau in heavy action pieces and Johnson in more character driven work -- they can accomplish something the first film did not, convey a well-rounded and effective story.

To ensure the partnership delivers the intended material, another Warner Bros. favorite is being thrown into the mix to lend a hand in putting together the treatment, Greg Berlanti. Considering Berlanti just signed on to pen the treatment for the Green Lantern sequel and to write and possibly direct The Flash, that's likely all he'll have time for.
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