It's not that people of a certain age needed a 'Karate Kid' series reboot to remind themselves of the franchise. "Wax on, wax off," "Get him a bodybag" and the fictional, if effective, Crane Kick are permanently embedded in a generation's subconscious, eager to be pulled out at parties -- along with Zach Morris's cell phone and 'Back to the Future' jokes -- when it's time to wax nostalgic. Still, the release of 2010's 'The Karate Kid,' the first film in the series since 1994's forgettable 'The Next Karate Kid,' has resuscitated a love for all things Miyagi- and Cobra Kai-related.

Ron Thomas knows this better than most. As Bobby Brown, the Cobra Kai member instructed to put Daniel "out of commission," Thomas was there for all of it. The real-life sixth-degree black belt and two-time world champion still acts, but has devoted much of his adult life to motivational speaking and life coaching, training athletes and businesspeople on how to increase their sense of "self-mastery." Thomas spoke to us from Los Angeles about the past and present.
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