AMC's new series The Walking Deadhas been getting a lot of press -- and for good reason, since it looks awesome and it's based on a really great comic book. One of the other reasons fans are really excited about the show is because Frank Darabont is involved with it in the roles of writer, producer, and director. Darabont's made a name for himself doing some of the better adaptations of Stephen King's work and has a genuine affection for horror.

Much has been written in the past few months about how Darabont will direct the series -- and that remains true, except that he's only directing the pilot episode of the show. Bloody-Disgusting got confirmation yesterday and learned that the filmmaker will only direct the first of the six episodes set to comprise the first season. If the series gets picked up for another set of episodes, he may be back to direct more.

Now, before anyone goes into a panic and starts assuming the project will suffer because Darabont isn't in the director's chair, keep in mind that he's still the creative visionary behind the title. While he won't be directing, he's the writer and a producer, meaning he'll still be on set and overseeing the production at every turn. He'll almost assuredly be the decision-maker for anything that happens during filming -- whether he's directing or not. The show's still in very capable hands.

What's gotten lost in the news is that this means five other directors are gonna get to take a crack at continuing the story. No word yet on who those directors might be, but this could be the moment a future "master of horror" makes his (or her) grand debut.

You can catch The Walking Dead on AMC this fall.
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