Julia Roberts in 'Eat Pray Love'In the upcoming film 'Eat Pray Love,' successful journalist Elizabeth Gilbert has what every woman is supposed to want: a successful career, a husband with whom she's trying to have a child ... but it's starting to hit her that she's never really wanted this. So after a painful divorce and a passionate yet disastrous love affair, Liz gets an advance to write a book about the year she plans to spend traveling and finding herself.

In real life, Gilbert went on to rediscover pleasure in Italy, spirituality in India and love in Bali -- and now her memoir has become a movie starring Julia Roberts as Gilbert; and at a recent special event at an oceanside villa in Malibu, I got to preview 21 minutes of footage from the film, which is one of the most talked-about "chick flicks" of the summer.

The first part of the footage shows Liz having a breakdown in front of her editor (Viola Davis), telling her, "I want to go someplace where I can marvel at something." In Italy, she meets fellow traveler Sophie (Tuva Novotny) at a busy cafe; and as they eat pizza, they discuss how their pants no longer fit. Liz calls it her "no carb left behind experiment" and asks her new friend if she's ever "undressed in front of a gentleman" and been turned away. When she says no, Liz says, "It's because they don't care."

We then see Liz with a group of men in a barbershop, who tell her that the difference between Americans and Italians is that Americans don't believe they should be allowed to relax -- whereas Italians feel they deserve it. Continue reading after the jump.
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