TronJust admit it. You buy those toys that are marketed as adult collectible action figures of your favorite icons. Fortunately, there are several companies out there willing to feed your habit and take your money. Several special sets exist for the San Diego Comic Con alone, including this rather impressive one for the upcoming sequel to Tron. They even got the pose right.

I don't know what the expect of the sequel. The original was certainly a trailblazer for computer animation. One can only hope that Tron Legacy lives up to the hype. It certainly makes for impressive action figures, though.

I'm ashamed to admit I still play with dolls. Well, not so much play with them as put them on the shelves in my office as collectibles. Some are still in the packaging and some aren't. However, as a Doctor Who fan, I've been waiting for this set for approximately forever.

So which figures do you collect?
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