DreamWorks' Real Steel just started filming live action shots this week, and USA Today already has the first look. For some of us (ahem), it's a little bit of a let down as Hugh Jackman has a shirt on. But he has a new haircut, a new scowl, and a big robot friend, so that's fun.

You probably remember that Real Steel is the latest offering from Shawn Levy, and it imagines a world where human boxers have been replaced by robots. It's based on Richard Matheson's short story, Steel, which itself inspired a classic Twilight Zone episode with Lee Marvin. But Levy's version fleshes it out a bit, and gives Jackman an estranged son, Hope Davis and Evangeline Lilly as women he knows (presumably one is an ex-wife?), and Kevin Durand as a boxing promoter.

Right now, the most exciting development out of the movie might be the news that they're using practical robots. Real Steel will use a combination of motion capture (Sugar Ray Leonard is one of the advisers) and 19 animatronic robots. "The moment of walking in and seeing these robots, my jaw was on the floor," says Jackman, who apparently collected himself enough to take the photo above with one of the rock 'em, sock'em castmembers. The blend of practical and mo-cap was apparently recommended by Steven Spielberg himself. Let's all take a moment, and thank him for halting the spread of bad CG, and bad CG robots in particular.

Real Steel
hits theaters in November 2011.
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