The Los Angeles Film Festival
is set to get under way in a few days, and to get you in the mood we've got a trailer for Joe Maggio's Bitter Feast -- a title set to make its world premiere at the fest.

Produced by Dark Sky Films and Larry Fessenden's Glass Eye Pix, this new thriller centers on a chef (James LeGros) who winds up fired from his cushy culinary gig after a food critic (Joshua Leonard) savages his cuisine. Naturally, this sets the chef off, so he kidnaps the critic with plans of inflicting all kinds of nasty torture on him -- and I'm guessing that means more than just making the critic eat more of his food...

The trailer looks entertaining enough. It's always nice to see LeGros in a genre film (he was Mike in Phantasm 2) and Joshua Leonard seems to be carving out a career for himself in the wake of The Blair Witch Project. Larry Fessenden turns up in the trailer as well -- hopefully he has a fairly prominent part.

If you're in the LA area and want to catch a screening of Bitter Feast, it's showing at Downtown Independent on June 18th at 9:45 PM and June 20th at 10:00 PM. Tickets are $12.00.

I think you'll agree that Bitter Feast is a new kind of kitchen nightmare...

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