Last we heard from the wildly unique Guy Maddin, he was shocking small theaters will his risque shortThe Little White Cloud That Cried, made in honor of underground filmmaker Jack Smith. The last time we got a feature, however, it was the partially autobiographical, docufantasia homage to his hometown, My Winnipeg, two years ago.

But get ready, Maddin fans -- it's time for his next feature-length film. As he told us from TIFF last fall, he's been working on a "kind of Internet, interactive choose-your-own adventure movie labyrinth" called Keyhole. Now he's finally ready to make it, with a cast that intermingles old-school Maddin collaborators with new (and very surprising) names, and it's not a story completely of his own creation. It's his take on Homer's Ulysses. Intrigued? Hit the jump for all of the juicy details.
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