One thing that never seems to cross Hollywood's mind is the fact that audiences have a limit. Jumping on any bandwagon might be good for the first copy-cat, but soon the well of interest runs dry. Nevertheless, Tinseltown has been snorting remakes and reboots like cocaine, energized by the idea of recognizable brands and trying to offer up movie experiences that are brand-centric rather than story-centric. Just take a look at this summer's movie schedule, from Iron Man 2 to Shrek Forever After to The A-Team. If it's not a reboot or sequel of a film, it's taking an old television series and trying to make it relevant for this day and age.

Almost none of the recent releases are from original ideas, and as much as some remakes like Clash of the Titans found monetary gain, many more are hurting. Why?

It seems that the audiences are finally catching on!