blade 2 new line

"You obviously don't know who you are f*cking with!" – Blade

Guillermo del Toro f*cked with the formula of the first Blade movie just enough to create a fun, surprising, and endlessly gruesome action-horror mashup with Blade II. I recognize that this flick isn't nearly as good as most of the genre classics we like to celebrate here at HS, but it's one of my favorite vampire action movies of all time. It's also one of Del Toro's most sophisticated efforts, packing top of the line production values, makeup and special effects.

Blade II offers scene after scene of extended supernatural action. The carnage stops only briefly for a few jokey exposition scenes and some ghastly but artfully rendered shots of mutated, sliced, diced and hemorrhaging monster anatomy. Let's dive in and explore the 2002 sequel which, arguably, represents the movie trilogy at its creative peak.
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