Seeing as I'm the second youngest writer on the Cinematical staff, it seems premature for me to already be in full-on "Get off my lawn!" mode, but what in the hell is going on over at the Teen Choice Awards? I certainly realize that this particular batch of awards, which will be airing this August 9th on Fox, are at least as arbitrary, if not more so, than the MTV Movie Awards, so I've got one foot propped on a soapbox for no big reason, but I really do want to know what is going through the mind of whoever it is that runs that show. How does Kick-Ass get nominated for "Choice Movie: Action Adventure", "Choice Movie Actor" and "Choice Movie Villain"?

I'm not stupid. I know that teenagers see movies above their age rating all of the time. I snuck into plenty of R-rated movies before I realized that I could just buy tickets to them because the fellow teens running the box office didn't care. So I'm not surprised that teenagers would love a movie as vulgar and as violent as Kick-Ass. I am surprised, however, that no one involved with the Teen Choice Awards thought, "You know what? Maybe we shouldn't encourage 14 year-olds to go see R-rated movies."
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