There are few things as integral to the relationship between movies and their audiences as a sense of discovery. In comedy, I'd argue that atmosphere of newness and the unexpected is as important if not more important than in other genres, as it distinguishes unique and new comedic expressions from familiar ones, and observes the cultural and social shifts in what makes people laugh.

The sad thing about many comedies is that once that sense of discovery has been experienced, the entertainment value of the film drops precipitously. For example, no matter how hard you laughed that first time Jack Black's biker punted Ron Burgundy's prized pooch Baxter off of that bridge, it's never quite going to be as funny again, since you know it's coming – and you're even waiting for it to happen. And having seen Caddyshack for the 20th or so time in my life last week, I felt mild disappointment that I no longer chortled with the abandon that once did, because I've spent the better part of the years since I originally watched the movie working lines of its dialogue into my daily conversations.

Of course, that inevitably translates itself into an appetite (or lack thereof) for movies when time comes to purchase them, or in most cases nowadays, purchase them again. And while I still recognize Caddyshack is one of those comedies I'll come back to again and again, I was curious whether its new Blu-ray edition was worth tracking down – hence this week's "Making the (Up) Grade."