There's all sorts of horror in this week's gang of movie club picks, just waiting for your .02:

2002'sBlade 2 brought Guillermo del Toro into the fold, and over at Horror Squad, Mike Moody writes that the filmmaker "f*cked with the formula of the first Blade movie just enough to create a fun, surprising, and endlessly gruesome action-horror mashup with Blade II. I recognize that this flick isn't nearly as good as most of the genre classics we like to celebrate here at HS, but it's one of my favorite vampire action movies of all time. It's also one of del Toro's most sophisticated efforts, packing top of the line production values, makeup and special effects."

Meanwhile, Brad McHargue dipped into space bugs and tackled Starship Troopers for SciFi Squad. He writes: "Starship Troopers is widely considered to be a guilty pleasure among fans, though I don't really see why anyone would be ashamed of liking this money. It's pure B-grade cinema with an A-grade coating."

Finally, I got into some Shakespearean horror with Julie Taymor's Titus. I wrote: "At times, the horror is campy, not just from Taymor's twists to the play, but in Shakespeare's words themselves. Could a line like 'Bear thou my hand, sweet wench, between they teeth,' mean anything other than absolute and horrific ridiculousness? But other moments are the epitome of true horror."

Use the links above to leave your thoughts about each film, and stay tuned Friday for the next collection of picks, which will kick off with Cinematical Movie Club's Stalag 17.
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