A lot of people were miffed at his super serious version ofRobin Hood, but perhaps Russell Crowe will score more points if he takes that attitude to a dark, gritty, and modern place, and jumps on board the ever-present television remake train. According to The LA Times, Crowe has just signed on to star in the long gestating remake of the CBS crime series,The Equalizer.

The Equalizer was noA-Team though. Remember, it centered on Robert McCall, who once worked for the ethically dubious organization known only as The Agency or The Company. Having committed terrible things during his tenure there, McCall seeks to atone by quietly advertising his special set of skills in the newspaper. If you had a problem, and the odds were against you, you called The Equalizer. And then he would use his ballistic knife or Walther PPK/S on whoever was causing you trouble -- or on you, if you were found to be the bad guy. It was deliciously violent for its time. (Oh, 1980s television! We didn't yet know what was ahead of us!)

The show has been mired in development hell with The Weinstein Company for years. It's now free of the brothers, and is being overseen and shopped around by producer Mace Neufeld and his high-level friends. With Crowe tapped to play McCall -- the perfect character for his poetic brand of brutality -- it will undoubtedly find a studio soon. And color me excited when it does.
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