The Time Machine (1960) inspired plenty of great movie posters and home-video artwork. (Check out Movie Goods for the former and Amazon for the latter). So I'm not sure why, for their 1984 UK home video re-release, MGM/UA Home Video ended up using such a sub-par bit of painted artwork.

The machine itself is tolerable (though the dimensions toward the rear look warped) but Rod Taylor looks anemic and completely disinterested. MGM/UA also used this art for a laserdisc that was released around the same time. Though MGM/UA might have thought this sci-fi classic essentially sold itself, I don't imagine many kids in the 80s felt overly compelled to rent The Time Machine after seeing this box in their local video store. That's especially true given that, of the four film images featured on the box, only one holds promise of any sort of action.

Click through for the full 1984 MGM/UA Home Video UK release artwork.
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