I'm not always sure what Hollywood's definition of "edgy" is, and maybe it's not that consistent. Does it mean darker in tone, or does it mean hip, or is it a combination of the two? Keep pondering that while I bring you word that The Weinstein Company is allegedly seeking a new screenwriter to pen its Fraggle Rockmovie, because the current script is "not edgy enough." This claim comes from the guy who wrote the apparently too-tame draft, Cory Edwards (Hoodwinked!). On his blog, he's written a complaint about this behind-his-back development of the project, which he's still signed on to direct. Given his public bashing of the Weinsteins, though, I expect him to be let go from the gig very soon.

I doubt what the producers are looking for is something so "edgy" as to garner anything higher than a PG rating or as to otherwise alienate parents who grew up with Jim Henson's original HBO series and who want to introduce the underground-dwelling creatures to their own kids. But when I first read Edwards' rant, I thought of a Fraggle Rock film in which Red and Mokey are openly in a relationship and Boober and Wembley are clearly drug users. Then, I snapped out of that notion and thought maybe the Weinsteins want something more creative than Edwards has given them. But from what we've heard so far, the general idea is to have the Fraggles exit their rock and wander about in the real world. Just like that Smurfs movie currently in production.
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