It's old news that Guillermo Del Toro has left The Hobbit so he can work on a movie that will actually get made sometime before 2018. Despite the fact that MGM is collapsing and no one can move forward on this production until a myriad of legal issues are dealt with, there is still much talk circulating over who will replace him in the director's chair and tell the story of a young Bilbo Baggins, as he first discovers the One Ring and fights dragons and so forth. Recently, four names have risen to the top of the list. Take each with a grain of salt, of course, as nothing is set in stone and nothing will probably be set in stone for some time yet.

The first name that's come up is none other than Peter Jackson, visionary director of the original Lord of the Rings trilogy and the man who made a movie where the hero straps a lawnmower to hist chest and runs through a crowd of zombies. He was always going to be involved in The Hobbit as a writer and producer, but after two expensive disapointments in a row (the bloated King Kong and the critically reviled The Lovely Bones), this may very well be what Jackson needs to get his mojo back: a certified hit, no matter what. He's also the natural choice, returning to what he started and wrapping things up in his personal style. Because I love giving random things arbitrary scores, I give this choice an "A" for Awesome.

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