Cinematical's Spin-ematical: 'The Book of Eli,' 'When in Rome,' 'Youth in Revolt'

The Book of Eli

Under the direction of Albert and Allen Hughes, this post-apocalyptic rocks along nicely. It's a straight-ahead genre flick, heavily styled to within an inch of its life; Denzel Washington plays a laconic semi-religious Western hero, guarding a mysterious book as he makes his way across an empty landscape. Not entirely empty, though, since he has to deal with the likes of the villainous Gary Oldman and the opportunistic Mila Kunis. A good, entertaining romp. Rent it.

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Youth in Revolt
Based on an acclaimed book by C.D. Payne, Youth in Revolt got pushed around the release schedule a bit before landing in January. Our own Erik Davis is a huge fan of the novel ("499 pages of dark comedic brilliance") and acknowledges that the movie version "definitely ends up feeling disjointed and forced in some areas -- but thanks to a wickedly hilarious performance from Michael Cera (easily the best of his career), this brainy teenage sex comedy does manage to dole out a handful of great scenes." Rent it.

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When in Rome
I missed this romantic comedy starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel during its theatrical run -- intentionally, I might add -- so I turn to Cinematical's Jenni Miller, who said the flick has "a certain charm" and allows that it may be "a decent guilty pleasure for a Sunday afternoon." Of course, Jenni really didn't likeThe Book of Eli, which i did, so my recommendation is still: Skip it.

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