On Sunday via Twitter, Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, The Flash, JSA, 52, Infinite Crisis), DC Comics' Chief Creative Officer, announced a live-action test for the current incarnation of the Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes), a teen superhero co-created by Keith Giffin (Legion of Super-Heroes, Lobo, Justice League International) and John Rogers (Leverage, The Core), with art by Cully Hamner. In his current (third) incarnation, the Blue Beetle has appeared in comic books (ongoing and in guest appearances), the Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series as Batman's erstwhile partner-sidekick and now, potentially, a live-action television series, possibly as a replacement for the outgoing Smallville series the year after next.

Jaime Reyes first appeared in the 2006 Infinite Crisis mini-series as the successor to the non-super-powered Ted Kord (who died violently at the hands of a former ally), and a month later, in his own series. While popular among comic book reviewers and some fans, the Blue Beetle didn't sell well enough to sustain an ongoing series. In general, Comic book fans dislike change, rarely accepting legacy characters (i.e., new characters taking on the roles of established superheroes). With the Blue Beetle, DC Comics made significant changes, not only going younger, but setting the series in a new city, El Paso, Texas, giving Reyes, a Latino teen, a strong supporting cast of characters, new villains, and a new origin: an alien scarab that, when activated, gives Reyes superpowers, including an armored suit, flight, and advanced weaponry.
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