It's late at night, you and your housemates have just gotten home from a party, you're a little inebriated, but you're not ready to call it quits yet. What do you do? Turn on the TV and look for a great wild comedy like The Hangover, available to start at your convenience through On Demand.

I can't say I've been through that situation with that particular film, but a similar situation was a regular occurrence about 6-7 years ago, when the great wild comedy of the moment was Old School (also directed by The Hangover helmer, Todd Phillips). I feel like that movie was on all the time at my house, where I lived with a bunch of other young guys. Of course, we had the DVD, but I'm certain if we'd only had the VOD option, the movie would have still been in heavy rotation.

That's why I'm not surprised to learn The Hangover is getting a lot of love On Demand.