The summer is upon us. And I mean the actual summer -- the solstice occurs this Sunday, public school is letting out, etc. -- rather than the summer movie season, which has been in effect for more than a month. This means a lot of us are planning vacations, and some of us film nerds are picking destinations we've seen in the movies. Or, maybe the cheap cinephiles are picking films with which to pretend they're traveling to some unreachable location.

Either way, maybe your aim is as broad as tracing a cross-continental trip made by the Griswolds, whether through America or Europe. Maybe you want something more specific, like a trip to Vegas. Perhaps so precise as a stay at the Klondike Hotel & Casino, where you hope to gamble on your skill for games like War and Rock-paper-scissors (unfortunately the Klondike is gone, and they didn't really have those ridiculous games anyway).

Every year I contemplate heading up to Mount Rushmore, due to my love of Hitchcock's North by Northwest. I never make it up there, and I doubt I'll do it anytime soon, because it's a fairly isolated place. If I had the money and time and was obsessed enough, maybe I'd follow Roger Thornhill's entire trip from New York to South Dakota. But I can't imagine flying up there just to see the monument, which might only take about two minutes to appreciate in person.
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