Scream 2, directed by Wes Craven

I hadn't gone back to watch the Scream sequels in years, but with Scream 4 looming it seemed like a
good time. Seems like we can't go two days around here without more Scream 4 news and Wes Craven has been relentlessly pushing the film, most recently through his Twitter account with a series of signed poster giveaways based on Scream trivia. Though things seemed to have calmed down a bit since the end of the trivia competition, Scream 4 is still one of the biggest upcoming horror releases, slated for April 2011.

Scream is, in my estimation, a really solid film, so the pressure was on for the filmmakers with Scream 2, doubly so considering the original's reliance on and breakdown of horror movie cliches. While I wouldn't say they knocked it out of the park, not by any means, Scream 2 does remain a halfway decent film in it's own right that doesn't bastardize the original. The kids from Woodsboro are making the tough transition from high school to college and dealing with a movie based on the events from Scream. Yes folks, there's a movie version of the events in the first movie. The original was kinda meta, but that just ups the ante. But it's a cool idea and a fairly logical progression of events. While it's firmly rooted in the 90s, Scream 2 is still pretty enjoyable.
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