Greetings beasties! I am not one to write pieces beseeching anything of our readership, but I was recently contacted regarding a cause I think we can all get behind. In 2008, a documentary was released chronicling the efforts of director Emily Hagins as she worked to complete her first feature Pathogen. The doc was called Zombie Girl: The Movie and it garnered overwhelming buzz from various festivals for multiple reasons; not the least of which being that Emily was 16. Since then, this Austin prodigy completed Pathogenalong with a second feature called The Retelling which actually just had its premiere at the Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas. Emily is someone who shows immense talent for her age and, given continued opportunities, has the very real potential of becoming a world-class horror director.

And that's where she needs our help.

Emily is trying to complete her latest film before she graduates high school, but her budget situation has hit a major wall. I'm sure any of you reading this who are in film production know what that's like and can sympathize with Emily. Being the unflappable, resourceful artist that she is, Emily has set up a website where people make donations to help keep her project afloat. Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated. I know Emily is shy about asking for help, which is why she hasn't been advertising the site herself, but I think it's something that needs some word of mouth. If you can help financially, fantastic! But if not, simply spreading the word would be an enormous help.

The site is temporarily on the page for her last film The Retelling, but the donations are for her newest film. You guys are the absolute best and I thank you on behalf of Emily.

Click here to donate.
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