In recognition of the TBS network's second annual Just for Laughs comedy festival, running June 15-19 in Chicago, Turner Classic Movies has thrown out their list for the 10 Best Comedy Lines from Classic Movies. That's a mouthful, huh? Nothing like nailing down a genre. If the movie is not considered a "classic" is it immediately disqualified from contention? Does the film even have to be a comedy? What about unintentionally classic funny bad movies? Could we throw in a vote for "You can't piss on hospitality, I won't allow it," from Troll 2? Let the debate begin!

What actually constitutes a classic comedic line though? Is it strictly a punchline or does its inherent quotability over time amongst movie fans earn it a place in history? Looking over TCM's list, there is a combination of true wit, cheesy puns, strict one-liners and openings to larger monologues. There is also doubt that anyone, without looking over what they chose, would choose any more than maybe one on their own list of ten.

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