Futurama X-MenIt's another Amalgam universe! I'd like to think that some fan made this mix of Futurama characters in X-Men costumes because of the near-future continuation of the former and the soon-to-be reboot of the latter. In all probably, the artist probably created it just for the heck of it.

Maybe I can see Fry as Cyclops and Leela as Phoenix and even Professor Farnsworth as Professor X, but Zoidberg as Wolverine? Well, they both have claws and that funny hairdo head-thingy. They both talk funny and are based on various animals. I suppose there is enough of an analogy if you think about it.

Personal favorites of the art include Zapp Brannigan as Magneto and Kif as Toad. I also like Nibbler as Lockheed the Dragon. Some of the characters in the background are ones I don't even recognize (on the Futurama side anyway). Does anybody out there want to do some sort of list of the character crossovers?

Check out a larger version of the image below ...

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