Once upon a time, One Hour Photo director Mark Romanek was attached to direct the updating of The Wolfman. That didn't pan out, but he landed on his feet when he was hired to helm Never Let Me Go. The film is an adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro's novel of the same name, and the first trailer turned up on iTunes earlier today. My first impression response? It looks very good.

The film stars Oscar nominees Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan alongside Andrew Garfield in a haunting sci-fi-tinged drama set in an alternate reality. The three characters grow up at Hailsham, a quaint and charming little English boarding school, but when they're old enough to venture out into the real world, they're forced to confront the terrible truth of their destinies.

Ishiguro's novel has been hailed by Time magazine as "the best of the decade," and Romanek expressed the following sentiments about the project last year: "From the moment I finished the novel, it became my dream to film it. Ishiguro's conception is so daring, so eerie and beautiful. Alex Garland's adaptation is sensitive and precise. The cast is perfect, the crew superb."

The trailer is visually striking -- the shots on the beach, in particular -- and gives you just enough of a hint as to what's going on in the story to pique your interest. Check it out after the jump and see what you think. Have you read Ishiguro's novel? Do you think it will translate well to the big screen? Share your thoughts below.