In Hollywood, there are plenty of contrarians, but their time there is usually either long and extensive or mercilessly brief. While Larry Fessenden probably can't be called a full-fledged revolutionary challenging the industry's status quo, he's successfully built an empire working against the conventional wisdom that suggests that gimmicks outweigh great ideas and bigger budgets make better movies. In addition to a storied acting career that includes credits on movies by Scorsese, Jarmusch, Neil Jordan, and Brad Armstrong, he started Glass Eye Pix in 1985 and created a modest production company where he nurtures young and ambitious filmmakers as they bring their visions to the silver screen.

Wednesday evening at Los Angeles' equally storied Aero Theater, Fessenden is appearing in person to discuss two of his own directorial projects, Habit and Wendigo, which will be screened as a double feature. Additionally, Fessenden will be appearing in the Glass Eye pix production Bitter Feast, which is making its premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival this weekend.

Cinematical caught up with Fessenden via telephone this week to discuss his upcoming Los Angeles appearances. In addition to talking about the retrospective and Bitter Feast, Fessenden offered some insights into his experiences in Hollywood, and reflected on what has kept him going in an industry that typically spits out iconoclasts like himself.