'Toy Story 3'Last week, I was lucky enough to fly up to Pixar in Emeryville, CA, to chat with the cast of 'Toy Story 3.' On today's Minute, I'm bringing you the best of the interviews. It was quite the experience. I spoke to a potato, a dinosaur, Batman, James Bond and Ariel the mermaid. That's Estelle Harris, Kristen Schaal, Michael Keaton, Timothy Dalton and Jodi Benson, in case you're wondering. I also got John Ratzenberger, Pixar's good luck charm, and Joan Cusack.

Check out how Keaton reacts to my question about his character Ken's anatomical issues, and marvel at the visual image Harris give us about potato sex. She made me laugh so hard my eyeliner ran. 'Toy Story 3' opens June 18. Check out the video after the jump.

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Toy Story 3
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