If you watched "Dallas" back in the day, Omri Katz may already have been on your radar by the time he scored lead roles in two mildly-received 1993 flicks, Matineeand Hocus Pocus. But as an "Eerie, Indiana" devotee, I'd been riding the Omri Katz train since 1991, when the inspired but short-lived NBC series -- a sort of "X-Files meets Encyclopedia Brown" serial starring a then-15-year-old Katz as Marshall Teller, paranormal investigator -- debuted in its first and only season.

That meant that even after "Eerie, Indiana" met its premature end, I remained on the hunt for as much Omri Katz as I could find: reruns of "Eerie, Indiana," that one episode of "The Torkelsons" in which he took Dorothy Jane out on her first nighttime date... even the terrible, godawful-even-with-nostalgia-goggles-on, made-for-TV movie Adventures in Dinosaur City. That movie, a live-action adventure about three kids stuck in an alternate universe with wisecracking dinosaurs and cavemen, was almost completely, indefensibly bad -- yet I watched it many more times than I'd care to admit. And I did it all for Omri Katz.
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