How many movies based on the Wizard of Ozmythology will you tolerate in the next few years? Right now I'm counting at least six in development, including this new, out-of-nowhwere project from Mark and Michael Polish (The Astronaut Farmer), simply titled OZ. Nobody seems to have had heard about this faithful-looking version of L. Frank Baum's stories until a teaser was posted to YouTube yesterday (and tweeted by Film Threat's Chris Gore) with a caption claiming that it comes to us from the Polish brothers and it's set to hit theaters in 2011. As for the content of the video, all it shows us is a young Dorothy and a hardly anthropomorphic Cowardly Lion walking slowly and curiously down a hall in an apparently deserted place.

Coming from someone who appreciates -- and would watch in marathon form right now if I had the time -- every Baum adaptation from the Otis Turner and the J. Farrell McDonald silents to the MGM musical classic to The Wiz to Return to Oz to the Muppets version, I say bring on this and more! I absolutely love seeing different takes on the land over the rainbow and look forward to seeing Sam Raimi and Robert Downey, Jr.'s version, Todd McFarlane's version, as well as the latest animated version we just heard about, and certainly this unforeseen version from two guys who at least know how to make the Midwest look their own (I especially recommend their film Northforkif you've never seen it).

What makes OZ especially a surprise is that just last month we heard of another Polish brothers film in the works, a romance titled For LoversOnly, which had just cast Stana Katic as female lead. Maybe they're prepping that to be shot after this? Given that they had two films released last year, it wouldn't be too strange for back-to-back features in the coming years. You can check out the OZ trailer below, but please nobody complain about the legacy of MGM's The Wizard of Ozand how these films are ruining it. If you think that one was "the original," you at least need to go and watch this video, and this, and this (all were produced by Baum himself).