The last year or so has seen Nicole Kidman seek out more action-oriented projects. While The Invasion and The Interpreter didn't set the box office on fire, she remains undaunted. As she develops The Eighth Wonder (which lets her play a Lara Croft / Indiana Jones action-archaeologist), she's decided to share weapons with that King of Eccentricity, Nicolas Cage. According to Variety, Kidman and Cage are pairing up for the thriller Trespass, and it's a casting coup that's just full of kooky possibilities. But it's being directed by Joel Schumacher, so I imagine those will go untapped.

Trespass centers on a husband and wife who are taken hostage by four very bad men. These thugs think Kidman and Cage are the ticket to easy money, but naturally, complications ensue. Variety mentions there's "betrayal and deception", which could just mean its a remake of Kidman's Malice. (Spoiler alert?)

The film is being produced by Nu Millennium / Image films, which has created some of Cage's weirdest gems, including the upcoming Drive Angry, the indescribably brilliant Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, and the legendaryWicker Man. It's entirely possible that Trespass could be the campiest and coolest action thriller of all time, with or without Schumacher's help. (It's penned by Karl Gajdusek and Eli Richbourg, so there's no telling which way on the crazy / bland scale it can go.) It's such an odd combo that I wonder if Kidman knows at all what she's in for. If she actually signed on in the hopes of being Port of Call's Eva Mendes, but with a gun, my respect and love for her will know no bounds.
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