40 years into his movie career, Robert Downey, Jr.is finally following in his father's footsteps and looking to make his directorial debut, according to Deadline. Surprisingly the Iron Man star hasn't done much behind the camera, not even as a producer. But that is changing now that he and wife Susan Downey have set up Team Downey, a production company at Warner Bros., through which they're looking for the right project for RDJ's unproven eye. I wouldn't be surprised if the execs at the WB have already added him to the long and ridiculous list of potential Hobbit helmers, but it is seriously fun to ponder what kind of film would be best for the guy. I recommend he start out with a first-person documentary film, along the lines of The Last Party. But then again, I'd also like to see if he can garner great performances from other actors.

While RDJ seeks out something to direct, the Downeys' first project as producers will be the heist film Yucatan, which the studio has been trying to get moving for some time. Last we heard, McG was to produce and direct the film, which is based on 1,700 pages of notes and storyboards made by the late actor Steve McQueen. Warner Bros. had also hired a screenwriter, Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring, but if he had written anything it will apparently be scrapped, as this new team is said to be starting from scratch. Joining the Downeys on the project is McQueen's son, Chad, and Sherlock Holmes producer Dan Lin.

RDJ will likely star in the movie, though reportedly Team Downey will not focus solely on projects for him to act in. This makes sense as RDJ is quite busy with on-screen gigs, including two and a half franchises (Holmes and Iron Man/The Avengers) and upcoming starring roles in Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity and Sam Raimi's Oz, the Great and Powerful.
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