In my early days of posting here, I did a lot of shrieking about remakes. I'm ashamed about those exclamation marks now. But I still don't like the idea of the entire Reagan era being remade for the 21st century. That includes The Monster Squad.Rob Cohen was attached to the remake as of July 2008, but there hasn't really been any solid talk since then, suggesting that maybe someone in Hollywood was tired of revisiting all that was campy and childish.

But no. Undoubtedly fueled by the success of The Karate Kid and The A-Team this weekend, Paramount has hired Mark and Brian Gunn to pen a remake of The Monster Squad. According to THR's Heat Vision, Cohen is still sitting tight in the director's chair, and Paramount is also eying it as an ongoing franchise. So, not only will you see The Monster Squad rehashed, you may also get two or three of them. It's like the things you wanted in your childhood -- and I always wanted more Monster Squad -- but made into a cheap tentpole.

This news just makes me feel really sad. I don't believe The Monster Squad is sacred. I don't even believe it's perfect, even if Shane Black did write it. It's campy and corny, but rewatching it makes me remember what epic proportions the film took on in my mind. As a kid, The Monster Squad universe was huge and full of potential. (I believe the word for this is "nostalgia.") I suppose that's the kind of joy a new generation would find in a remake. But again, the original holds up just fine, and can wind up kids just as well. This just sounds like an attempt to strip mine it of its imagination.
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