'Toy Story 3'Last week, I got to head up to Emeryville, CA, to visit Pixar and interview the cast of the upcoming film 'Toy Story 3.' In this installment, Woody, (Tom Hanks) Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and friends are dreading the approach of the day when Andy leaves for college. After a misunderstanding, the toys are donated to a daycare center. Though they're warmly greeted by the resident toys, things are not quite what they appear to be. In part one of my interviews, I got to chat with Michael Keaton, who voices Ken, Kristen Shaal, who plays Trixie the Dinosaur, the legendary Estelle Harris, aka Mrs. Potato Head, and director Lee Unkrich with producer Darla K. Anderson.

Now, I had a Ken Doll, which I believe qualifies me to ask questions like, "Do you think Ken's extensive wardrobe is compensation for not being anatomically correct?" Check out Keaton's response. Harris tells me something about Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head that may scar me for life. And Anderson defends the only Pixar character in history to give me nightmares. And check out part two of my interviews here. 'Toy Story 3' opens June 18. Check out the videos after the jump.

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