Here you have it folks -- what the three-apple high Smurfs look like when they're wrenched out of the forest and their classic 2D cartoon world, given some spanky new computer animated visages, and thrown into Manhattan's Times Square for a 3D adventure. From left to right, that's Grouchy, Papa, and Clumsy, though really, two of the three should be pretty easy to decipher.

That image comes courtesy of USAToday, who explains the lowdown on this big-screen adaptation of The Smurfs, and how they get from their Middle Ages lives to the bustle of New York. When Gargamel (Hank Azaria) finds their village, the Smurfs flee for the woods. Clumsy goes the wrong way to a forbidden grotto, a few follow, and they find themselves smack dab in Central Park, and still on the run from Gargamel. But he's no longer a Sweeney Todd baddie who wants to slice them up for dinner. "Now, Gargamel simply wants to capture the Smurfs to serve as charms, whose mystical essence will make his inept magic more powerful -- and dangerous."

And then the US government hears about their special powers and tries to capture them for secret military experiments! No, I kid, but maybe that will come in the inevitable Part Two. For now, we await the first trailer, which should hit tomorrow.
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