Yes folks -- there's a new Scott Pilgrim vs. The World trailer out and it's better than the first. To fans, that's enough incentive to rush through the jump and see it, but for the rest, especially the ones who are still confused about this whole universe of Pilgrim, this is the one you should definitely see.

The first trailer explained the basic plot, but mainly focused on kick-ass fighting moves and glimpses for the fans of the Pilgrim. This one starts from the beginning and shows a lot more of the characters fans have been itching to see while also playing out the basic storyline -- who Scott is, how his rockin' ways attract Knives (who finally gets some solid screen time), but then everything is derailed when he meets the girl with the hair and has to defeat her evil exes. There's Jon Spencer Blues Explosion tuneage, and Brandon Routh's Todd Ingram showing off his oh-so-good comedic stylings.

The more I see, the more I'm convinced that they did a killer job casting this baby. I'm sorry, fans-who-hate-Michael Cera, but he's perfect in this. Hit the jump and groove with Sex Bob-Omb and Pilgrim's kickin' Toronto.