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Amongst the new study of photographer Bruce Davidson's work is the above image, of an old-school comic book rack. Head over to How to Be a Retronaut to see the entire image.

I'm not sure many actually care, but The Last Airbender's release date has been bumped up a day to July 1, according to SuperheroHype.

If Back to the Future had hit #4, would Marty have driven the stretch DeLorean over at Geekologie?

The folks at io9 have found what they call "satanic disco from another planet." Why? Girls with dolphin breasts.

They also found a ridiculous spoiler in a Star Wars book aimed at children.

SciFi Wire
shares some deets about SyFy's new Phantom.

And finally, Topless Robot finds a Tonner doll of Mal, our favorite space cowboy.
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