Chace Crawford has been sitting pretty in the role of Nate Archibald for quite some time now, but if the guy is serious about his acting career, he better be preparing for life after Gossip Girl. I'm a sucker for the show, but let's face it, there's just so much rotten rich kid blackmailing, party throwing and backstabbing we can handle. Perhaps going from one wealthy youth to another in Twelve would be more promising if critics hadn't trounced the film after its premiere at Sundance.

He almost took a major step outside of his comfort zone with the remake of Footloose, but then he ditched the project due to schedule issues– or cold feet perhaps? Anyway, Crawford clinched a role that will finally expand his repertoire, that of a pacifist butcher living in Woodstock in the indie Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding. According to THR, the film stars Catherine Keener as Diane, an all business lawyer recently left by her husband, who takes her son and daughter to her hippie mother's (Jane Fonda) house in Woodstock where family drama ensues. While there, Crawford's character develops a thing for Diane's daughter. Okay, so he'll still likely be the pretty boy after the girl, but at least he's out of New York City.

The cast is great and it sounds like a sweet indie in the making, but I can't help but to liken it to Georgia Rule. Whether it's Fonda's involvement or the fact that the story involves the convergence of three generations, the general concept sounds very similar. I can even imagine the dynamic between Diane's daughter and Crawford's character being very comparable to that of Rachel and Harlan (Lindsay Lohan and Garrett Hedlund); street-smart girl meets innocent country boy.

Director Bruce Beresford is set to begin filming in New York's Hudson River Valley in July.
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