Isn't there something kind of hot about a cowgirl? I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's the long hair spilling out from under the cowboy hat, or the way they can gaze out mysteriously from just under the brim. Maybe it's the jeans and the boots, or maybe it's the "southern belle" factor. The fact is that Megan Fox is the latest Western hottie to hit the screens, playing "Lilah" in Jonah Hex. She has her plusses and minuses; whenever she comes up in conversation among female friends, I usually explain how "plastic" she is, as if she's a manufactured pleasure-bot. But truthfully, she's pretty darn hot, with those pale blue eyes, raven hair, perfectly-shaped lips, and perfectly-shaped everything else. Clad in what looks like a cross between Stetson and Victoria's Secret, she is, indeed, the latest in a long line of hot movie cowgirls. Here are seven others.

1. Karen Steele in Ride Lonesome (1959)

I suspect the old term "va-va-va-voom" was invented for Karen Steele; when she walks onscreen in Ride Lonesome, it's hard to keep your eyeballs from snapping out of your head like a Tex Avery cartoon character. Blonde and voluptuous, she's a big presence, and yet she's surprisingly sweet and unassuming throughout the film. Director Budd Boetticher became totally enchanted by her, and cast her in his next movie, Westbound. Ms. Steele had a long career in television after that, most notably appearing in the "Star Trek" episode Mudd's Women (1966).
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