When I was in Korea last year one of the first things I did was go to a DVD stand and pick out every new release with a cover that looked even vaguely like a horror movie. One of the titles I grabbed that day was Death Bell, a film about a bunch of students whose weekend study session is interrupted when someone starts kidnapping students and then putting them in elaborate traps. The only way the class can save their friends is if they combine their brain power and solve educational puzzles within the alloted time. If they fail, well, I think we all know what happens.

The movie itself, which IFC later picked up for On Demand distribution here in the States, stumbles a bit as the script struggles across the finish line, but conceptually it was a brilliant variation of the escape-the-killer's-trap formula that's risen in popularity over the years. And now it's got a sequel: Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp will be opening in Korean theaters this July, which should mean a DVD of the flick will be available by year's end.

Check out the Death Bell 2 teaser trailer and official synopsis below, both of which come our way via 24 Frames Per Second. And don't worry about the lack of English subtitles in the teaser; Asian teens in school uniforms dying doesn't need a translation to look cool.

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