I hope you're ready for another freaky trip to the spooky town of Silent Hill, because Konami has announced a new entry in the long running survival horror franchise entitled Silent Hill 8.

The latest installment in the series came to light yesterday afternoon during the company's E3 press conference and they assure us that Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will have it in their grimy little mitts sometime next year.

Silent Hill 8 will put players in the shoes of Murphy Pendleton, a prison escapee whose transport vehicle crashes -- leaving him stranded in the titular town. From there, players will be faced with surviving the experience while dodging monsters, solving puzzles, and keeping their wits about them. Early buzz indicates the combat seems to be placing an emphasis on everyday objects like glass -- which makes me think of the Condemned games in some ways.

Konami wants the game to appeal to fans of the early Silent Hill games, but the biggest hurdle to be overcome involves the departure of series composer Akira Yamaoka. Yamaoka's music had become an integral part of the Silent Hill experience, and his leaving is still being lamented by many fans. Daniel Licht, a film composer with credits that include Dexter, Children of the Corn, and Hellraiser films, will step in and try to fill Yamaoka's shoes. Good luck with that.

We'll bring you more on Silent Hill 8 -- which will almost assuredly be getting a new title at some point -- as it gets closer to release.
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