When you look as chewed up as Jonah Hex, you're bound to only have death and the acrid smell of gunsmoke as your companion. No one is ever going to see you as anything but an outcast and outlaw, so you might as well become one. Jonah has always dealt with his scars as pragmatically and sarcastically as a man can, but he still gets sensitive about it. He's had a lot of nasty adversaries and adventures in his tortured life, but only dinner in the presence of a lady can really make him flinch.

Jonah is a lone wolf, and doesn't even like the friends he has, so I doubt this list will really provide him with any new drinking buddies. But I thought in honor of this fantastically scarred gunslinger, I'd list five of the ugliest faces and scars in film. These aren't necessarily the best or most famous, but I picked the ones that made me flinch. I may be biased (it is Josh Brolin, after all), but I think that Jonah's a right handsome devil in comparison to these poor souls.

The list is below, along with gloriously gruesome photos. See if you agree,and feel free to add your favorite mangled men and women (this is equal opportunity even if I didn't list any ladies) to the list.
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