I'm doing my best to collect the complete set of MGM's Midnite Movies DVDs. I like the double-feature packaging, and the movies are, more often than not, perfectly funky pieces of entertainment for a lazy Saturday afternoon. MGM is now offering a lot of those titles (and more) through their website, streaming completely free of charge.

This means you have no excuse for never having seen From Beyond (a delirious favorite of mine, full of weirdo sexuality and buckets of gore). You can no longer defend why you've never made time for the "Best Worst Movie" Troll 2. You have to see Bucket of Blood and Empire of the Ants. Oh, and Ghoulies II, the movie that prevented our own Peter Hall from pooping for six whole months. I'm not sure why MGM is offering up all these goodies for free, but take advantage of it while you can. You're just about guaranteed to find some new favorites in the mix.
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